Sedona Food Dehydrator Review

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Many people either cooks or crafters need to have ease in dehydrating the food stuffs and crafts products. Sedona Food Dehydrator gives the best of its kind in the market. The easy to use dehydrator suites the customer use either for domestic or commercial use in the hotel industry. The appliance Dries fruits, vegetables, and makes beef jerky with ease and flowers for craft projects. Being a new arrival of its kind in the market assures you the best with regard to technological advancement.

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The Sedona Food Dehydratoris a dual, digitally controlled fans food drier. The machine has two heating coils and two fans. This owes its ability to having much of food to be dried in 4, 5 or 9 trays. These trays are made of BPA free plastic, this assures the customer health safety associated with the BPA. The equipment has a glass window as the door; from here one is able to keep watch over the drying processes.

Sedona Food Dehydrator Features

  • Easily drys 4, 5 or all 9 trays at a time
  • 2 digitally controlled fans – fast drying process
  • Digital temperature display mode with timer
  • View through glass window allows to monitor the drying process
  • Includes 9 mesh screen trays, 9 open trays and 1 closed tray
  • 17″ x 19.7″ x 14.6″ inches with detachable power cord

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From the inside the elegancy of the Sedona food dehydratoris given by thenine open trays, nine mesh screens and a single closed tray. The comfort of using this drier is that it is quiet, thus does not disturb the users at any time in use. Then power driven drier is charge efficient since it uses six hundred (600) watts. The compact size of the Sedona Food Dehydrator makes it portable thus can be moved from the kitchen to living room often.

The new machine seems replacing the older models of Excalibur. The machine has digital control for the temperature; this also has a timer to for the temperature display mode. The timer automatically shuts off when the time you set it for is up. The unique night mode setting adjusts the speed of the fans, thus reducing noise for a quieter operation during the Times you want the machine to run quietly.  The alignment material used- parchment paper is fairly cheap.

Sedona Food Dehydrator Review

On looking through the few reviews of the Sedona food dehydratorall of which are positive it is true to say that the appliance is the best of its kind in the market. The customer says the newly-released marvel design is great; dehydrates well. The Lovers of glass smile at the door, the dual fan option, the night-time setting which is quiet and the easy-to-clean interior. Digital display is great too. The other customer says that it is a nice drier, truly it is since the customer can look at the contents as the drier is running without necessarily opening the door. Notably the drier is damn expensive but its worth the coast bearing in mind every penny is worth it.

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The Sedona food dehydratorthough new in the market, I would approve its preference to any other drier since it does not deprive off the nutritional value in the foods being preserved. The ease in use and control makes it a food dehydrator of choice in the current lifestyle. Choose to have the value of your money, get Sedona food dehydrator Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

enfuegoinc August 18th, 2011 (#)

With name like Sedona it is hard to go wrong with thie dehydrator. Your information for the “Sedona Food Dehydrator Review”is quite good. I like the fact of having glass windows to monitor the drying process.

Alex August 23rd, 2012 (#)

I had been researching ddreyhators for months and finally decided on this one. I am happy I did. I have dried veggies, fruits, made jerky and fruit leathers so far. It is easy to use, has great recipes and works well. It is nice to be able to give the kids snacks that are not full of sugars and things no one can pronounce. I only wish it had a timer. I will probably use a regular timer and plug it into that. Pros: *fan not in bottom of unit allows for more uniform drying *temperature control *size fits nicely on a kitchen counter *availability of accessories *ease of use Cons: *no timer *no on/off switch you have to unplug the unit to turn it off

Teri September 6th, 2012 (#)

I’m happy to hear this machine makes great jerky! I just ordered one today. What temp do you recommend dehydrating the meat? I plan on cooking before dehydrating.

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