Buyers Guide

Buying your first food dehydrator should never be a big challenge, as such. In fact, you will have fun using it for making several varieties of natural foods around your home. There are important factors that you must keep in mind when you are going out to shop for a dehydrator.

To begin with, the power needed to run this dehydrator is something fundamental. The advantage is that many types of dehydrators consume less power which means that you have nothing to worry much about. The only time you must not ignore this is when you are interested in getting some of the massive types. In this case you may have to get larger food dehydrators which usually require a lot of wattage to run. This means that your power bills can be high.

In the case of wattage, the number of trays for your particular dehydrator is also fundamental. For food dehydrators with ten to fifteen trays, 1000 watts power is recommended. Less wattage imply that your food will not dry as wanted and this can mean bacteria will grow in it.

The type or make of the dehydrator that you are buying is another factor to put in consideration. There are brands that really disappoint you. The best thing to do is to stick to those brands that are commonly used by people, especially from big companies.

The advantage with big companies is that they can refund you your money or replace what you have in case of faultiness. The other thing is that with such companies, you will be given manufacturer’s instructions to use with your dehydrator.

There are people who go as far as considering the shape of their food dehydrator. Actually there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, the shape will determine whether what you have can be expanded. Round food dehydrators normally allow for expansion while others may not. Also know that when you think about expanding what you have, you will generally have to buy extra trays separately.

Additionally, the position of the heating element is a factor of the shape of food dehydrator. Round types are usually fitted with heating elements at the top as well as at the bottom. This implies that heating all the compartments making it possible to have your food properly dehydrated. Apart from that, the flavor mixing is easier when dealing with round dehydrators.  Although it is possible to think that this may be a simple factor to consider, the color of your kitchen walls is a fundamental factor that will determine what you buy for a dehydrator.

The other thing that you should think about is the timer for your dehydrator. Since most people want to dry over the night, the machine they use should be automated to shut itself down at some point. In fact, it is not just the timer that is needed; even a sensor that tells when the food is dried enough should be included in the factors. Depending on your preference and purpose, it is important to choose dehydrators that will serve your purpose well.

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