Why Choose The Nesco FD-80 Food Dehydrator

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Food dehydration is one of the crucial methods of preserving food. It involves removal of water from food making it dry hence facilitating storage and preservation for so many days and years. Dehydration further facilitates elimination of micro-organism from the food surface since it causes death of such organism.

The most suitable machine for dehydration is Nesco FD-80 food dehydrator. It has been designed to ensure drying of different food such as meat jerky, flowers, herbs and even vegetables together with fruits. The dehydrator is simple to use due to its simple features. Most importantly it comes together with an instruction manual that directs you on how to use and maintain it.

Nesco/American Harvest FD-80 Square-Shaped Dehydrator
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Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator All-In-One Kit with Jerky Gun
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The Nesco FD-80 food dehydrator has 700 watt motor which ensures production of enough power in order to produce enough temperature to ensure adequate food dehydration at a minimum time. The dehydrator has an adjustable control power knob that is adjusted to ensure the right temperature for proper dehydration. This is important because different foods need different dehydration temperatures. For example meat and fish due to bacteria and microorganisms found in them, they need a higher temperature that may range from 450C to 65oC.

Fruits and vegetable need a slight low temperature for dehydration in order to prevent loss of vitamin C and A that are heat sensitive. Nesco FD-80 food dehydrator is square in shape and adequate in size in order to hold maximum trays. The numbers of trays that can be held are a minimum of four. Thus it is possible to dehydrate different type of food at the same time because you can use different trays. The dehydrator has a proper air circulating system that facilitates circulation of hot air through the trays.

This is facilitated by a top mounted fan that ensures hot air is pressured downwards horizontally through the trays to ensure maximum loss of water. This is facilitated by a converga flow system that ensures pressurization of air through the trays. The hot air eventually converges at the center before it becomes circulated again through the motor for heating to a suitable temperature.

To ensure proper air circulation through Nesco FD-80 food dehydrator, there is a tight power head that ensure the pressured air does not escape from inside. This has a bale handle that is necessary to remove it from the dehydrator. The dehydrator has a suitable thermostat that can be regulated to produce heat which ranges from approximate 95 to 1550 F. Thermostat ensures the temperature is maintained at this condition for maximum and proper dehydration of the food or flowers.

Time needed to dehydrate the food depend upon the type of food to be dehydrated and the amount. This is because the larger the amount of food to be dehydrated the more time is needed to dehydrate it. Other factors include environmental climatic conditions, model of Nesco FD-80 food dehydrator that is being used together with the amount of food moisture. Dehydration using this dehydrator causes minimal loss of nutrients.

Most of nutrients are retained but it only depends with the amount of heat you are using and the specific type of food. Therefore it is important when you are purchasing the Nesco FD-80 food dehydrator to be given a manual that will indicate the required temperature when dehydrating certain type of food.

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