Waring DHR30 Food Dehydrator Review

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The Waring Pro DHR30 professional food dehydrator will help you to create your own delicious homemade jerky and other dried snack. The trays are stackable and they lock securely in place so you can load the machine up with your choice of foods and turn it on and walk away. To help vent out the steam the top cover has ventilation openings for the steam to escape.

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The DHR30 is designed in a stylish round design where each of the five trays stacks on top of each other and lock in place. The five trays give you an incredible amount area for you to create batches of your favorite jerky or dried fruits.

At the heart of the food dehydrator is the 525 Watt motor which turns the fan mounted on the bottom that forces the heated air up through trays foods and expels the air through the vent openings at the top. This powerful design dries your food in hours instead of days.

Waring Pro DHR30 5-Tray Food Dehydrator Features

  • Simple-to-use food dehydrator dries food in hours instead of days
  • 525-watt motor and top-venting system
  • 3 heat settings–low, medium, and high
  • 5 stackable, locking trays accommodate large and small batches alike
  • Tinted clear-view cover; fruit roll-up sheet included
  • Measures approximately 11-3/5 by 13-3/5 by 15-2/5 inches
  • 5-year limited motor warranty

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This DHR30 food dehydrator looks great with its tinted clear cover you can watch as the food dries. It has 3 different heat settings depending on the recipe you are using you can select low, medium and high. There is also a on/off toggle switch along with heat setting switch.

The Waring Pro 5 tray food dehydrator will fit easily on your kitchen counter. It measures 11-3/5 by 13-3/5 by 15-2/5 inches when all 5 trays and the cover are in place and locked in. To ensure you dehydrator gives you years of great usage Waring has included a 5-year limited warranty on the motor.

Looking at numerous reviews posted online for the Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator the comments were mixed even though the ratings were mostly high. Lets start with the positives. Almost all of the reviewers loved the way it made jerky. Several of the reviewers pointed to how easy it was to operate and to clean. A couple of other reviewers were very pleased with how quiet it was since it was going to be running for quite a while to dry the meats and fruits.

Now for the negatives, one reviewer did not think that the trays were tall enough and when they trays were stacked on top they were not able dry certain types of veggies. One reviewer pointed out that Waring did not include a guide to help them figure out temperature and how long to heat different types of foods. Click here to read more reviews.

After looking through all of comments good and bad, I would have to say that the positives far out way the negatives. On Amazon.com the Waring Pro DHR30 food dehydrator received a 4 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Most real life customers have been delighted with this model. I would have to definitely recommend this to everyone. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Rendy February 27th, 2012 (#)

The dehydrator came in today! Bought a twelve and a half pound sirloin, all cut up and marinating already! Got banana chips and apple slices in it now.

Lety August 23rd, 2012 (#)

Review by Barbara B. for Rating: If you really need a dedhryator, this is a good one (although I’ve never used any others, so I can’t really compare them). I have made dried fruit and veggie chips’, fruit leathers, turkey jerky and even tofu jerky. Everything has come out fine although some items took 12 hours to dry completely (which apparently is the norm). The unit does generate a small amount of heat in the immediate vicinity, and I wonder how much energy it uses (probably not much, but if you use it a lot, for hours at a time, it may add up).HOWEVER, after a few weeks I had to really ask myself if I NEEDED a dedhryator. Except for the jerky, it’s proably easier to buy dried fruit than to dry it myself, and the price differential isn’t that great. My favorites are dried apples and bananas and neither come out the way they taste store bought. In addition, it’s not always as easy as just slicing the fruit or vegetable and laying the slices on the trays. Many items require pre-cooking or pre-treating, so it can be a time consuming process. I’ve become addicted to the turkey jerky, so the dedhryator turned out to be a good investment (it’s impossible to find jerky made from ground turkey on the market!). But before you buy any dedhryator, decide if you really need it and if it wouldn’t be easier and cheaper to buy dried food. If you intend on making jerky of any kind, a dedhryator will no doubt pay for itself in short order, but if you’re getting it mainly for fruits and veggies, you might come to a different decision.

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