Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator Review

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Weston 75-0201-W VegiKiln 10-Tray Food Dehydrator is an excellent food dehydrator for all of your dehydrating needs. It contains many features, including several trays, adjustable temperature, and quiet drying technology, designed to effectively and efficiently meets your needs, without the annoying noise. It’s great for drying anything, from meats to fruits and vegetables, working great for anything and everything.

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This Weston Food Dehydrator includes an astounding 10 pullout food trays. With this, Weston gives plenty of room to dry large amounts of food at once, so you don’t need to worry about needing multiple drying sessions to dry everything you are need.

In addition to the large amount of drying space, the 75-0201-W food dehydrator includes a great system that uniformly dries all food at once, requiring no rotation of the food trays whatsoever. This allows you to simply to place the food in, set it to the right settings you need, and let it go with no more input needed. Once its done, you are left with perfectly dried food.

It uses a 600-watt heating element, effectively generating enough heat to ensure top quality drying. Using a 5 1/2 inch-wide ultra-quiet fan, it effectively spreads the heat evenly across all trays and all spots on the trays, all the while being very quiet, remaining unnoticeable while running, so you need not worry about an annoying noise while its running.

In addition to these other great features, Weston includes an easy to use thermostat. The thermostat is very easy to use, easily adjusted to fit your needs and accommodate all kinds of food that requires drying. The thermostat is easy to use because it is color-coded, so it is easy to know and tell what and where to press. This is great, so you can be sure to set it just the way you need.

The Weston’s VegiiKiln food dehydrator is also great for its compact and lightweight design. Even with its powerful and effective drying system, the machine is small compared to similar machines. It measures approximately 21 by 15-2/5 by 15-2/5 inches, so finding counter space for it is much easier then usual. Not only is it small in size, but it is also lightweight, making it much easier to move around.

Weston 75-0201-W VegiKiln 10-Tray Food Dehydrator Features

  • 10-tray electronic food dehydrator with 600-watt heating element
  • Over 10 square feet of drying space; no need to rotate trays
  • Lightweight design with 5-1/2-inch-wide ultra-quiet fan
  • Color-coded adjustable thermostat
  • Measures 21 x 15-2/5 x 15-2/5 inches

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Most reviewers of 75-0201-W 10-tray food dehydrator were very impressed with it. They found that it is excellent at its purpose, drying food with great success. Even more importantly, they found that it is an incredibly good deal price wise, being cheaper then the highest end food dehydrators while still providing the same quality. The only issue people found was the noise, which they claim sounds like a microwave, but this was found to be acceptable, as there are no models that provide better. Overall, the customers that reviewed the product were very satisfied. Click here to read more reviews.

Overall, The Weston’s 75-0201-W VegiiKiln 10-Tray Food Dehydrator appears to be a top quality deal if you are looking for a food dehydrator. It’s efficient, cost effective, and still provides top quality. I would definitely recommend this product, if you were looking to buy a food dehydrator for your food drying needs. Click here to check it out.



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